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§1. The idea of the company’s loyalty program.

Membership and participation in the loyalty program are free, entirely voluntary, and do not require the program’s participants to any actions towards the Organiser, i.e., Sebastian Sitowski Marketing and Business Consulting with its registered office in Warsaw at Żurawia street 32/34/49a.

The program aims to honor our loyal customers who appreciate the quality of our goods which is reflected in the number of purchases made in our online store, available at

The below terms and conditions contain conditions for participation in the program and apply to the Organiser and the participants from the moment of its announcement on the online website for an indefinite period subject to a possible suspension or termination by the Organiser at any time without providing a reason.

§2. Conditions for joining the program:

1. Only human beings having the full capacity to act in legal terms may participate in the loyalty program.

2. Every buyer (Participant) who creates an account by registering at is eligible to participate in the loyalty program and receives a discount code. The discount code assigned to the Participant depends on their purchase value.

3. To participate in the loyalty program, the Participant must fill in the application form legibly at

4. Consent of the Participant to the collection and processing of personal data by the Organiser exclusively for the purposes of this program (in accordance with the Law of 29.08.1997. Personal Data Protection Journal of Laws of 2002 . No. 101, item. 926, as amended. d.), acceptance of the Terms and conditions of the Best Luxury Underwear Loyalty Programme (available at and consent to receiving commercial offers and correspondence to e-mail address, provided when creating of the customer account. 

§3. Points and discount codes. 

Compliance with these principles entitles the Participant to receive rewards points, which can then be exchanged for discount codes. Loyalty points collected for purchases can be used when the minimum number of points is achieved, which will translate into purchase discounts.

Allocation of points:

  1. each 1 PLN spent equals 1 point,
  2. each 1 EUR spent equals 1 point,
  3. each 1 USD spent equals 1 point,
  4. account creation equals 15 points,
  5. adding product review equals 10 points.

Attention! The cost of the purchase does not include the shipping cost. You can get 10 points for product review only once per purchase. You cannot add more than 1 review on one purchase.

Discounts obtained:

Club members paying in PLN:

1000 points = 10% discount on subsequent purchases.

2,500 points = 20% discount on subsequent purchases.

Club members paying in EUR:

205 points = 10% discount on subsequent purchases.

515 points = 20% discount on subsequent purchases.

Club members paying in USD:

200 points = 10% discount on subsequent purchases.

500 points = 20% discount on subsequent purchases.

After collecting the required number of points on his account, the Participant will receive an e-mail with a unique discount code to be used for subsequent purchases.

The first ten people with the most points during the calendar year will receive a Luxury Gift Box No. 3 in the amount of PLN 699.

If the complaint is accepted or the goods are returned by the Participant, resulting in the return of the price of the goods to the Participant, the number of loyalty points is reduced by the number of loyalty points obtained when purchasing the goods.

The Organiser, Sebastian Sitowski Marketing and Business Consulting, reserves the right to refuse the Participant’s participation in the loyalty program, if the form is incomplete, illegible, contains false information, or the Participant tries to break the program’s rules.


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