BEST! Dream bigger and be proud of it!

Our brand represents completely new quality on the international market. In opposition to the omnipresent mediocrity, we focus on luxury and minimalism, where modernity meets the classics of design. BEST underwear combines elements of high and functional culture with the art of craftsmanship that guarantees 100% satisfaction.

Fans of prestige, confident and open-minded men open to celebrating unique experiences with partners will enjoy this unique experience in contact with our products.

We believe that underwear is not only a piece of clothing we wear daily. BEST is an ethos and a lifestyle, as well as an opportunity to discover and express yourself without unnecessary words or understatements. The underwear you wear shows who you truly are.

BEST also stands for uncompromising quality in selecting the best, eco-friendly materials from France, Poland, and Italy. We say a firm NO to the exploitation of the poorest countries in the world, which is why all our products are made in a sewing room and pattern shop in the very center of Europe, in Warsaw’s Żoliborz. We know perfectly well that luxury comes with a price, which we proudly bear in our production.

Be proud of who you are and what you wear. Why? Because we know you are the BEST. You know it too!