BEST! Premium and luxury underwear for you!

We believe that underwear is not only a piece of clothing we wear daily. BEST is an ethos and a lifestyle, as well as an opportunity to discover and express yourself without unnecessary words or understatements. The underwear you wear shows who you truly are.

The minimalist line is a proposal for men who appreciate good quality and comfort in a classic, simple form. Here you will find cuts that are perfect for everyday wear. In addition, the white color has been recognized by you as the sexiest and most desirable; it will surely trigger your partner’s imagination.

The minimalist premium line is an uncompromising quality in terms of workmanship and selection of materials, combined with the most desirable
design classics. Here, masculine style, fashion, and lust meet the desire to experience more than commonly available.

Pure luxury line is luxury in its purest form. The exclusive BEST lingerie will be appreciated by men for whom quality and elegance are the highest values. Created to complete in your life everything that is already unsurpassed and luxurious. By putting on models from the pure luxury line, you can further develop your lifestyle, desired by others but available only to the chosen ones.

Fetish line.
Do you boldly reach for more? This line will allow you to push your limits.

The limited edition is an original proposition and a real treat for “collectors” or men’s underwear enthusiasts. Do not hesitate to purchase because the number of models in each size is limited.